The Physics of Presence began in 2019 as a photography project focused on exploring the frequencies of light from our everyday world.  The aim of the project is to explore the capture of vibrating frequencies as visual art as well as various topics related to the physical boundaries/attributes of our world.

The recording of single moments in time, conveyed here in each photograph, represents the idea of presence in a physical sense.  Our moments in life are precious, as the present is forever fleeting and fragile.  For it's these moments that are collected in aggregate, formulating our past and influencing the outcomes of our future.  Presence is beholden to only the observer as an instant in both time and space, experienced individually and within each moment of their presence.

Here at The Physics of Presence, photographs are referred to as frequencies and they are the cornerstone of the project.  Utmost respect to the photographic medium is observed at all times, with no animals or insects being harmed during capture and all living prior to as well as after.  No scenes were scripted or set-up prior to capture and tripods are only used to capture certain moments, such as those of the moon/sun, when slower shutter speeds are necessary.  All macro photographs were taken hand-held in natural environments as well as occasionally in controlled habitats.  Post-production is generally kept to a minimum and none of the photographs here are composites.  What you see is what was there, in that moment of presence.  You may notice several photographs that have birds, humans, and/or other animals that seemed to be perfectly placed or centered, but these moments have not been altered nor or they artificial.  At times, less than one percent and only when deemed necessary, certain objects/humans are removed if they are determined to interfere with the spirit of that moment.

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